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Corporate Stewardship

The Shurtape Group of Companies strives to improve the lives of others through educational opportunities, community outreach, charitable donations and volunteer programs. Here are a few of the ways in which we are committed to giving back to our communities:

  • We partner with the corporate work study program at Saint Martin dePorres High School in Cleveland, Ohio, which provides exceptional students with the opportunity to experience a professional work environment while attending high school.
  • Our Helping Hands team coordinates teams of volunteer employees to service local communities and facilitates fundraising efforts within the company.
  • Ohio-based employees often participate in the Junior Achievement program, volunteering their time to teach planned lessons to students K-12.
  • We provide work space on the grounds of Shurtape headquarters in Hickory, NC, for PORCH, a nonprofit food assistance program that provides help for needy families in Catawba County, NC.
  • North Carolina middle school students have the opportunity to get a look inside companies that involve science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through our participation in the annual Extreme STEM Tour.
  • Our North Carolina employees participate in an annual funds drive to support United Way – and we have since its founding in our community in 1943.
  • Throughout the organization, our employees contribute to local charities and support longstanding commitments to these organizations.