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Securing Sustainable Life Cycles: Ensuring adherence to ethical and environmentally conscious business practices throughout the supply chain.

How We Are Encouraging Recycling

Since most of our products are wrapped in some type of packaging for protection, we wanted to help our customers better understand how to properly recycle and dispose of our product packaging.

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How We Are Getting Greener with FrogTape®

As consumers and pros look for more sustainable solutions to support their everyday tasks, we have a responsibility to do the same for our products. That's why we're taking steps to move our FrogTape® premium painter's tapes to more sustainable paper and adhesive solutions.

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How We Are Supporting Sustainable Products

Some consumers want to go green - and we want to ensure they have the right solutions to rely upon. To support this need, we made the leap to add Flourish™ - a new line of curbside recyclable mailing and shipping supplies made with recycled content and pulp materials that are responsibly harvested. Flourish allows our consumers to live easily and more responsibly, each day. And that's just the tip of the iceberg....

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How We Are Protecting Our Forests

Because many of our products rely on paper raw materials, we must be cognizant of how these are sourced. Safe forestry practices allow us to be part of the solution for forest management and preservation, but also to protect wildlife, habitats and waterways and ensure the continued respect of the rights and well-being of workers and indigenous people. We have further solidified this commitment by certifying our products through industry-respected forestry programs including Forest Stewardship Certification, Programme for Endorsement of Forests and Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

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