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Employee Idea Submission Form

ONLY Employees & Partners of Shurtape Technologies and its subsidiaries should use this form. All others should click here to be redirected to the general submission form.

Date: 07/22/2024
Requestor Name(Required)

Item Information

Provide a details description of the idea and describe its business potential for Shurtape. Provide specific examples where possible. This idea could be a product, service, packaging, technology idea or just a problem that could be solved with a PSA tape.
List the features required of the product.
List the benefits that the product will give to the end user. How will the feature benefit the end user of the product?
What, if any, unmet needs are satisfied by this product idea? Explain what the unmet need is and how this idea will satisfy the need.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.