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New Flourish™ Brand from Shurtape Technologies, LLC Features Sustainable and Affordable Products

Apr 6, 2022 | Duck Brand

Now more than ever, U.S. consumers are taking action to become more eco-conscious, and not surprisingly the majority of Americans (78%) prefer paper over plastic packaging. In fact, Americans are even more likely to purchase from companies that offer plastic-free packaging.* Shurtape Technologies, LLC is making it easier and more affordable for consumers and businesses to have their preferences met while lessening their environmental impact with the launch of Flourish™. The new Flourish™ Brand offers simple and sustainable alternatives to everyday products, such as mailing and shipping solutions, that are made from recycled content and are easy to recycle.

”At Shurtape, we understand the importance of sustainable product options, and we’re taking thoughtful steps to get there. We’re committed to providing the highest quality products in a way that allows us to be environmentally responsible—and Flourish™ is a prime example of this commitment,” said Natalie Guillaume, senior product manager at Shurtape Technologies, parent company of Duck® Brand and Flourish™. “Flourish™ Brand’s preliminary launch of mailing and shipping supplies starts with recycled content and safe forestry practices, but still maintains the premium quality you’d expect from Shurtape.”

Products initially launching under the Flourish™ brand include:

  • Honeycomb Mailers – These recyclable mailers are the perfect solution to keep items safe during mailing or shipping in an environmentally responsible way. They are made of 10% recycled content and offer greater impact protection than standard bubble mailers for superior protection. The mailer also features a unique die-cut honeycomb layer that creates loft and cushioning to protect items during shipment.
  • Honeycomb Cushion Wrap – A more sustainable solution than traditional bubble cushioning, Honeycomb Cushion Wrap is made with 40% recycled content. The die-cut honeycomb design stretches easily to create loft and cushioning that protects items and the interlocking paper structure attaches to itself, so no tape is needed. Use Honeycomb Cushion Wrap to protect items or fill empty voids when packing boxes so valuables stay put and stay safe.
  • Recycled Kraft Paper – Made from 100% recycled content, this brown shipping paper features a durable 60 lb. weight to protect items better than lightweight kraft paper and it can be torn by hand or cut with scissors for ease of use.
  • Recycled Packing Paper – This 100% recycled packing paper protects belongings from scuffs and scratches and provides a sustainable alternative to traditional packing paper without inks or dyes. It’s designed to protect surfaces while shipping or in storage, and is non-adhesive so it won’t stick to items.
  • Spiral Fill – This box fill is made with 100% recycled content paper and offers a simple and sustainable alternative to traditional packing peanuts and crinkle paper. The spiral design offers a unique and appealing look and expands to 10 times its original size for added protection during shipping and gift wrapping. All you have to do is lift, shake and fill.

“Flourish™ products are made from recycled content and are easy to recycle after use, as they can be disposed of in standard curbside bins,” said Guillaume. “This added convenience is a big step in helping people choose sustainable product solutions and dispose of them properly. With curbside recyclability, consumers don’t have to take extra steps to properly recycle Flourish™ items compared to the standard mailing and shipping products on the market today.”

Flourish™ Brand products can be found at national retailers with individual product prices ranging from $1.99 to $6.49.

For more information on the Flourish™ Brand and its products, visit DuckBrand.com/Flourish. To learn more about Shurtape Technologies’ sustainability initiatives, visit ShurtapeTech.com/Sustainability.