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Five Up and Coming Interior Design Trends for 2022

Oct 27, 2021 | FrogTape Brand

FrogTape® brand painter’s tape and Taniya Nayak team up to determine 2022’s top interior design trends

AVON, OHIO (October 2021) – After learning to live life more remotely over the past year and a half, 2022 will feel like a new day and a fresh start. With this in mind, FrogTape® brand painter’s tape teamed up with celebrity interior designer, Taniya Nayak, to develop the interior design trends that will help consumers embrace a new, balanced way of living in the New Year. Nayak is hopeful that 2022 is the year we are ready to open our arms, our doors and our homes up again, while still cherishing the special intimacies we re-discovered after slowing down from our busy on-the-go lives.

“The focus of the 2022 design trends is on balancing the best of both worlds, meaning they encourage spaces that are functional, but also make us feel good,” says Nayak. “These trends are about welcoming others and celebrating our individuality, all in the same space.”

There are many ways that homeowners can design spaces that are reflective of their personalities, while also making it a welcoming place for others. From the calming presence of a friend to the reviving energy of carefree fun, here are the top five home design trends that will define the way we create and update our living spaces in 2022.

1. Embrace

“This trend is all about embracing everything that is good in your life,” explains Nayak. “It’s the feeling of a hug, comfort, warmth and security that it will all be ok.” Cultivate the sense of an oversized comfy sofa with a soft blanket, plenty of pillows and a loved one close by with cozy textures and a pallet of mellow coral, subtle orange, soft green and creamy shades of white and brown in spaces like bedrooms or family rooms. A simple and stylish way to incorporate this into a room is to paint a textured basket that fits the décor and fill it with plenty of plush blankets.

2. Rise

Welcome the morning light shining on your face and look at it as an opportunity to chase your dreams with gratitude. ‘Rise’ gives a fresh perspective on your existing space by adding inspiring details that will invigorate and motivate. Nayak and the team at FrogTape® brand recommend incorporating colors inspired by the outdoors like yellow daisies, blue skies, green grass and fresh white snow. For example, a fresh coat of bright yellow paint on the front door will have your guests feeling welcomed with open arms.

No matter how big or small the project, Nayak’s go-to tool is FrogTape® painter’s tape. Treated with patented PaintBlock® Technology, it is the perfect way to get sharp paint lines for professional-looking results.

3. Gather

Gathering has been long awaited, so set the mood and ambience just the way you imagined it. Paint focal points like kitchen cabinets or living room fireplaces with rich tones of navy, dark teal or forest green. Don’t stop there; pull it all together by creating custom center pieces dipped in paint or wrapped in twine. You can even create custom game boards for entertaining guests.

4. Revive

‘Revive’ balances soothing and vibrant energy with shades of pink, orange and blue to create a sweet balance of motivated yet satisfied. Nayak recommends adding something that may seem out of context or out of character and seeing how it feels. For example, paint a tired nightstand a bold color, or remove your tablecloth and paint your own right onto the tabletop.

“This trend can be described as carefree, festive and fun, whether it’s with friends or by yourself,” said Nayak. “Whatever it is that makes you happy…go for it!”

5. Shine

The ‘shine’ concept encourages just that: letting your true self shine through. It’s about being your authentic self and visually displaying what’s in your heart. Implement this trend in any home by embracing all the colors of the rainbow to create a Cinderella staircase or making your own wallpaper by taping off a custom pattern that is uniquely yours.

For more information on the 2022 FrogTape® Design Trends and project inspiration, visit FrogTape.com/Trends.