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Top Four 2023 Interior Design Trends Revealed

Oct 11, 2022 | FrogTape Brand

FrogTape ® brand painter’s tape and celebrity interior designer Taniya Nayak team up to share latest developments in home décor and design.

AVON, OHIO (October 12, 2022) – With travel returning to normal, a renewed interest in seeing the world has played a key role in the development of the 2023 FrogTape® Design Trends, created by FrogTape® brand painter’s tape and well-known designer and television personality Taniya Nayak. The two have partnered to identify styles on the horizon for homes in 2023, all with an eye to how travel can inspire home décor.

“Now that we can get back out and safely travel, this year’s trends are influenced by different locations around the globe,” says Nayak. “Implementing these looks doesn’t require world travel, though. Step outside, get inspired by the people, places and culture around you, and then bring the best parts back into your home – from a touch of Bali in your backyard to bits of Rome in your living room.”

Whether you thrive in vibrant, lively spaces or prefer to decompress in a room that feels natural and organic, these trends can be adapted to your preferences to create a place that’s true to you. Here are four design directions to consider throughout 2023:

Redrock Renewal

Meant to evoke your inner feelings, Redrock Renewal incorporates both nature and spirit. This trend embraces a clean, light slate layered with simple textures to create a room that is calm, joyful, serene and spiritual. Breathe fresh air and renewed energy into your space by incorporating earthy tones paired with bold influences of turquoise, clay and olive. Add these colors to a textured barn door to mimic a scenic background or make a statement by painting a mural to a wall or canvas.

Bohemian Bazaar

Inspired by the people, culture and food in destinations like Morocco, India and Africa, Bohemian Bazaar merges handcrafted goods with soulful experiences. This trend encourages the mixing of patterns and colors, similar to the details of many artisan-crafted items. With the Bohemian Bazaar style, you can design what makes you happy and brings you joy to create an environment that encourages everyone in it to live a vibrant, authentic life.

“Add a pop of color where it’s least expected,” recommends Nayak. “Mix chairs in different shades of fabric around the table or paint the inside of a closet with a bright, bold hue.”

Nordic Nature

Create a pure, clean and fresh space by bringing the outside in with Nordic Nature. The trend’s palette of concrete, wood and crisp white walls creates a natural, modern, organic appeal that is reflective of a Scandinavian aesthetic. To balance rustic with uncluttered and contemporary, look for unique opportunities to make nature-inspired (but daring!) statements.

Heighten the interest and drama in an otherwise ordinary room by adding black paint to a fireplace against white walls. Before you begin, tape the edges with Nayak’s preferred painter’s tape, FrogTape®. Treated with PaintBlock® Technology, you can ensure that no black paint bleeds onto the crisp, white walls.

Midtown Modern

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and excitement of a fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle, but the Midtown Modern movement is about pausing to savor every moment of each day that goes by. Saturated hues like black or navy can be used to create an urban, contemporary vibe. Add a special sparkle with statement pieces with bright, brass or metal finishes. Elevate the vibe even further with plush fabrics like velvet, wool and satin.

For more information on the 2023 FrogTape® Design Trends and project inspiration, visit FrogTape.com.


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