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Packaging Solutions for the Way You Do Business

Aug 24, 2023 | Shurtape Industrial

Shurtape expands packaging portfolio to cover the end-of-line

Hickory, NC (August 2023) – Shurtape Technologies, LLC, a leading manufacturer and marketer of adhesive tape and consumer home and office products, has expanded its packaging offering to include case erectors and case sealers, positioning the company with a full portfolio of packaging solutions to support end-of-line packaging needs.

Purpose-Built for Reliability – Case Erectors

Offering minimum complexity for maximum output and effortless set-up with intuitive Fluid Form™ Controls, these automated uniform case erectors deliver quick and trouble-free changeovers, consistently square cases, fewer wear parts and less maintenance. For maximum operational efficiencies in forming cartons and cases, these case erectors offer:

  • Simplified case motion created by a robotic pick and pass
  • Opposing-cup case opening for a reliable rack-open
  • Safe and ergonomic operation

Purpose-Built for Efficiency – Case Sealers

Capable of handling a large variety of case sizes and configurations, these automated uniform case sealers are safe, simple, accessible and packed with functionality, including major flap management for reduced case jams and spring-loaded, soft-grip side belts for reliable case transport. Other features include:

  • Touch-screen controls with carton recipe memory
  • Optional top cavity lift for easy access to bottom tape applicator
  • Optional casters for portability and dexterity

Purpose-Built for Compatibility – HG Series Glue

Compatible with case erecters and sealers, Shurtape’s HG Series hot melt glue offers high holding power capable of withstanding the rigors of shipping and storage. For glue automation packaging applications, this product portfolio also delivers:

  • Optimized open/set times
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Good heat stability

“We understand the challenges you face — and how the right mix of innovative, flexible and reliable products can solve them,” said Bradley Dunlap, Director of Product Marketing, Industrial Packaging, for Shurtape Technologies. “From packaging machinery to the corrugated case to the application device, we recognize it takes a complete system to achieve optimal efficiency in packaging operations. With the additions of case erectors, case sealers and hot melt glue, in addition to our already established portfolio of HP Series hot melt packaging tapes and The ShurSEAL® Solution, we can fully support end-of-line packaging operations in the way you do business.”

For more information regarding Shurtape packaging solutions, visit Shurtape.com/Packaging-Solutions.