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Redefine Your Packaging Line with Shurtape at Pack Expo 2023

Aug 23, 2023 | Shurtape Industrial

From packaging machinery to packaging tape, get a complete end-of-line packaging solution at booth SL-5923

Hickory, NC (August 2023) — Your packaging operations, redefined…that’s the focus at Shurtape Technologies, LLC, an industry-leading manufacturer and marketer of adhesive tape and consumer home and office products. For the 19th year, Shurtape will be exhibiting at Pack Expo — the largest event in the packaging industry — and showcasing a range of packaging solutions designed for the way you do business.

With over 135 years in the box closing business, Shurtape continues to engineer its packaging solutions to address common case sealing issues — downtime, material waste, personal injuries, product damage and more — and deliver the consistent, reliable and secure seals you demand.

Packaging Tapes

Available under Shurtape® brand, the Company offers a variety of packaging tapes designed to securely seal cartons, including HP Series packaging tapes. These hot melt packaging tapes deliver exceptionally strong holding power and Good to the Core® performance, ensuring full utilization of the tape all the way down to the core.

HP Series packaging tapes are available in a variety of grades, from general purpose to heavy duty, in addition to specialty grades, including for use in cold temperatures and for use on highly recycled corrugated cartons.

In addition to HP Series hot melt packaging tapes, Shurtape offers AP Series acrylic packaging tapes, WP Series water-activated tapes and GS Series strapping tapes to meet the demands of a range of packaging applications.

Tape Application

To enhance your packaging lines, the ShurSEAL® Packaging Solution combines Shurtape’s HP Series packaging tapes with automated and manual tape application technology designed to deliver secure, reliable case seals.

An added safety feature to protect personnel and products, ShurSEAL Solutions are available with optional Folded Edge® Technology, a feature that folds the edges of the tape as it’s applied to create a no-knife-to-open case seal. This Folded Edge Technology feature is also available in a hand-held dispenser for manual case sealing applications.

Packaging Machinery

Now offering a complete end-of-line solution, Shurtape has expanded it packaging portfolio with case erectors and case sealers. Shurtape’s automated case erectors offer minimum complexity for maximum output in forming cartons and cases, while the automated case sealers deliver a safe and simple system capable of handling a large variety of case sizes and configurations.

“From the packaging machinery to the corrugated case to the application device, we recognize it takes a complete system to protect your product and your bottom line,” said Bradley Dunlap, director of product marketing, industrial packaging for Shurtape. “We understand the challenges many manufacturers face — from slow changeovers to stub rolls and wasted tape to cases popping open in transit — and how the right mix of innovative, flexible and reliable products can solve them. That’s our focus at this year’s show – to help solve those problems with a complete end-of-line packaging solution.”

Innovation Stage

In addition to showcasing its packaging portfolio, Shurtape will present its new BR CodeTM Scannable Solutions from Duck Pro® by Shurtape® on the Innovation Stage — Tuesday, September 12, at 12:30 p.m. Scott Sommers, Shurtape’s vice president of insights and innovation, will discuss how this new tape and label solution, along with its free companion app, BitRip®, can boost productivity by unleashing data visibility.

Learn more about Shurtape’s full portfolio of end-of-line packaging solutions at Pack Expo 2023 from September 11-13, booth SL-5923. For more information about registering for Pack Expo, please visit the website.