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Shurtape® Introduces FP 115 High Performance Grade Flatback Paper Tape for Paper, Tube and Core Manufacturing

Aug 25, 2015 | Shurtape Industrial

In paper, tube and core manufacturing, tape is a must-have tool that enables manufacturers to complete roll start-up, splicing and end tabbing applications quickly and efficiently. Tape failure isn’t an option, especially as it can lead to material waste, lost production, missed deadlines and even safety hazards on the plant floor. That’s why Shurtape® is introducing FP 115 high performance grade flatback paper tape – to help keep your lines running at peak production to save you time and money.

FP 115 is designed to effectively secure the paper to the core during roll start-up, hold the splice during processing and anchor the end of the roll securely. It is also ideal for tasks in which the tape must stick well to itself, including shingling and overlapping applications. When you demand exceptional performance, FP 115 delivers:

  • Strong Hold: The aggressive, rubber-based adhesive sticks quickly to both smooth and porous papers, including 100-percent recycled paper. It also adds shear strength, allowing it to hold safely during processing at both ambient and elevated temperatures.
  • Easy Handling: A unique release coat enables FP 115 to start-up easily off the roll, unwind smoothly and consistently, and tear cleanly by hand – even while wearing gloves.
  • Tough Construction: The reinforced flatback paper backing adds strength and stability, which allows the tape to endure the production process, including the pressure of rollers and tension devices.
  • Moisture and Humidity Resistance: FP 115 is specially designed to maintain a strong hold, even in operations where humidity and moisture are present, to prevent tape lifting, puckering and curling.

“Tape is an essential tool in paper, tube and core manufacturing. These manufacturers don’t have time to waste worrying about whether or not it will hold throughout the production process,” said Kelly Patrick, product manager for industrial tapes at Shurtape. “From the durable paper backing to the unique adhesive combination, we’ve engineered FP 115 to withstand the rigors of the job, delivering a high-quality tape solution you can count on.”