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Shurtape’s PXL BR Duck Pro Labels Sweep 2023 Occupational Health & Safety Awards

Nov 7, 2022 | Shurtape Industrial

New Product of the Year from Shurtape

Shurtape Technologies, a leader in the adhesive tape and consumer home and office products industry, is celebrating a remarkable milestone. Their groundbreaking product, the PXL BR Duck Pro® by Shurtape® BR Code™ Heavy Duty, Permanent Scannable Labels, has triumphed in four categories at the prestigious 2023 Occupational Health & Safety New Product of the Year Awards. These honors underscore Shurtape’s steadfast dedication to improving workplace safety and productivity.

PXL BR Labels

Acknowledging excellence in its 15th year, the Occupational Health & Safety New Product of the Year Awards Program recognizes products that have a substantial impact on worker health and safety. Shurtape has emerged as a thought leader, with their PXL BR labels securing wins in four crucial categories:

  • Asset Tracking/Management
  • EHS Software
  • Inspection Documentation/Automation
  • Lockout/Tagout and Machine Guarding

These awards highlight the outstanding performance of the PXL BR labels and their pivotal role in enhancing workplace safety and efficiency.

The PXL BR labels are an integral part of Shurtape’s comprehensive Duck Pro® by Shurtape® BR Code™ Scannable Solutions, powered by the BitRip® app. These labels come preprinted with unique codes that can be easily scanned using the free BitRip app on a mobile device. They find application in a variety of industries, job sites, and scenarios, enabling users to:

  • Track Shipments: Effortlessly monitor the movement of products and materials.
  • Organize Construction Materials: Efficiently manage and locate construction materials.
  • Monitor Service and Repairs: Keep tabs on equipment maintenance and servicing.
  • Verify Safety Certifications: Ensure the safety certifications of equipment and personnel.

The versatility of these labels makes them an indispensable tool for professionals across diverse sectors.

Tammy Gentry, Senior Product Manager of the Insights and Innovation Team at Shurtape Technologies, expressed her pride, stating, “We are immensely proud to see our PXL BR Duck Pro by Shurtape BR Code Heavy Duty Labels recognized across four categories in the 2023 Occupational Health & Safety New Product of the Year Awards. This achievement underscores our commitment to innovation and our focus on providing solutions that enhance safety and productivity in various workplace environments.”

The BR Code Scannable Solutions Lineup Shurtape’s new BR Code Scannable Solutions line offers a range of products to cater to different requirements:

  • PC 627 BR: Scannable duct tape codes for indoor or outdoor use.
  • FL 227 BR: Scannable paper tape codes for multi-surface applications that require easy removal.
  • PSL BR: Permanent scannable labels for indoor or outdoor use on flat surfaces.