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How We Are Feeding Our Employees’ Hunger to Learn

Supporting Growth Through Training And Education

For some, on-the-job training and higher education are within reach. For others, these opportunities might be a dream due to family commitments, hectic work schedules and financial constraints.

But, it’s that continuous improvement mindset, that desire to strive for excellence and that passion to succeed that drive us to find a way.

Turning Dreams into Realities

At Shurtape, we want to help our employees turn their educational dreams into realities.

Simply put…it’s a win-win.

Whether it’s a desire for on-the-job training to learn new skills or a quest for higher education netting an Associate’s, Bachelor’s or even Master’s degree in a chosen field of study, training and education benefit both our employees and our Company.

“We apply a continuous improvement mindset to everything we do — and that core value of striving for excellence threads through our workforce, too,” says Lisa Zierfuss, Manager, Talent Development. “By having a program in place to help offset tuition, we are making learning accessible and opening doors for our employees to pursue their dreams, which in turn helps to improve performance and build opportunities for growth – ultimately leading to their success, and ours, too.”

Forget red tape. We want growth through education to be within reach – for every one of our employees.

So, we try to make it easy.

Through our Educational Assistance Program, we reimburse our employees for qualifying educational expenses as they pursue undergraduate, graduate and certification coursework at accredited colleges and universities.

In 2021, nearly $20,000 in tuition was offset for our employees. And, since introducing our Educational Assistance Program in 2014, over 40 employees have participated, receiving over $200,000 in reimbursement.

A small price to pay to feed that hunger to learn.

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