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How We Are Getting Greener with FrogTape®

Environmentally Responsible Adhesive & Paper Solutions For Premium Painter’s Tapes

As consumers and pros look for more sustainable solutions to support their everyday tasks, we have a responsibility to do the same for our products. That’s why we’re taking steps to move our FrogTape® premium painter’s tapes to more sustainable paper and adhesive solutions.

Opportunity: Safe Forestry and Solventless Adhesive Practices

We focused in on the two main components of painter’s tape in order to accomplish our sustainability goals for FrogTape brand: the paper and the adhesive.


Although our practices have always been aligned with industry standards for safe forestry practices, we wanted to take an extra step to protect our environment, while also providing confidence in our environmental commitment when our customers and end-users buy our brands. So, we obtained chain of custody certification with the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) to ensure materials are responsibly managed against a series of standards related to forest monitoring.


The use of solvents in adhesives is an industry standard and practice, however, this process can result in some emissions into the environment in the form of greenhouse gases. While we have always been stringent in what is released, we wanted to increase our investment in more environmentally conscious processes, without impacting the quality or performance of our premium painter’s tapes. Using a continuous improvement mindset, we transitioned key FrogTape painter’s tapes to an environmentally friendly, solventless hot melt adhesive system.

Result: Forest Certification and Hot Melt Adhesive System

“To make an environmental impact, we wanted to address the two main components of our premium painter’s tapes — the paper and the adhesive,” said Patti LaPorte, Director of Product Marketing. “By using FSC certified paper and transitioning to a hot melt adhesive system, we’re offering a much more sustainable solution without diminishing the quality of our products.”

What have we accomplished so far? By year-end 2021, 80% of our total shipped volume* was manufactured using paper from certified forests, and we’re continuing to improve this number. Additionally, we’ve moved 56% of our production from a solvent-based adhesive to a solventless hot melt adhesive, which saves an estimated 52% in greenhouse gas emissions.

To put this in perspective, in 2021 alone, this savings equates to the same emissions generated from 1527 homes’ electricity use for one year.

FrogTape brand premium painter’s tape solutions are available at retailers nationwide. See what else we are doing to improve our organization as a responsible business.

*Based on square yards shipped