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How We Are Encouraging Recycling

Easy-to-Read Labeling Program Educates Consumers About Recycling Product Packaging

Product packaging and containers can often be recycled. However, with the complexity of the process and lack of knowledge about the recyclability of different materials, many of the recyclable packages become part of the tons of waste generated each year.

Since most of our products are wrapped in some type of packaging for protection, we wanted to help our customers better understand how to properly recycle and dispose of our product packaging.

Opportunity: On-Package Instructions for Recycling

After collaborating with our customers to understand how to minimize the environmental impact of our product packaging, we became a member of the How2Recycle® program in 2018. This easy-to-read, standardized labeling system for packaging provides consistent and clear on-package instructions to empower consumers in the United States and Canada to properly recycle. It’s smart, easy and convenient recycling at your fingertips.

To get started, we looked to our pack, mail and move, shelf liner and bath product categories and incorporated this updated label on product packaging.

Result: How2Recycle Labels on Product Packaging

Since joining the program in 2018, we have reached the following milestones in the three product categories enrolled in the How2Recycle program:

  • Duck® Brand Pack, Mail and Move packaging – over 50% complete
  • EasyLiner® Brand Shelf Liner packaging – 100% complete
  • Duck® Brand Bath & Shower Mats packaging – 100% complete

On top of that, as an organization, we are more driven than ever before to think about how we are packaging new items up-front and finding more sustainable solutions.

“There are still consumers out there who don’t know what they can and cannot recycle. Through participation in the How2Recycle program, leading brands are proactively calling out the recyclability of their product packaging with the hope of making a difference and driving awareness about proper recycling,” said Kerry Haugh, Director, Product Marketing – Home Solutions. “Internally, our involvement in How2Recycle has also accelerated our forward-thinking about product packaging, driving our desire to deploy this project to additional product lines over the next few years.”

Be sure to look for How2Recycle labels on your favorite Duck brand solutions and other products available nationwide. See what else we are doing to improve our organization as a responsible business.