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How We Are Fostering Lifelong Creativity

Supporting Our Future Leaders

Great artists, engineers, inventors, scientists, self-starters and teachers aren’t made overnight. They build their skillset over a lifetime of discovery, learning and practice. For most of us, this urge to create, explore and innovate begins as a child.

At Shurtape, great people, good ideas and pride in a job well done have led us to make some of the world’s best tapes and become a leader in innovation, quality and sustainability. That’s why it’s important to us to ensure curious kids have hands-on opportunities that allow them to imagine, investigate and invent.

It Starts with STEM (And Camp Invention®)

One way Shurtape supports learning and exploration is by partnering with the National Inventors Hall of Fame’s flagship summer STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) program, Camp Invention®. Led by qualified local educators, the weeklong confidence-boosting camp allows kids in kindergarten through sixth grade to take on STEM challenges and bring their ideas to life by building inventions and lasting friendships.

What are the creations made of? Duck Tape®, of course! Since 2018, we have donated our tape products to more than 1,000 camp sites, including schools and community centers, across the country to help campers transform their ideas into tangible prototypes.

“All it takes is a single experience to spark a bright idea that could change the world someday,” says Alison Wils, Product Manager – Duck Tape. “While this camp is for a week over the summertime, the achievements, discoveries and memories made there will last a lifetime, and we can’t wait to see who these kids grow up to be.”

Inspiring and nourishing creativity in students of all ages and stages will allow great minds to shine even brighter. Not only does Shurtape support elementary and middle school students, but the company also helps creative high school students pay for their college tuition through the Duck® brand Stuck at Prom® Scholarship Contest. Running for over 20 years, the contest challenges high school students to pull out some tape to create unique prom attire made of Duck Tape for a chance to win college scholarships. To date, about 8,000 students have used more than 100,000 rolls of Duck Tape to create Stuck at Prom outfits—and more than half a million dollars in scholarship money has been awarded.

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