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How We Are Reducing Tape Waste with ShurSEAL®

Maximizing Packaging Line Efficiencies to Keep Them Running Longer and Faster

Material waste is a common problem in manufacturing lines, with tape being a main contributor. In automated case sealing applications, we have identified tape waste as a classic example of sticking to the status quo. From partially used “tape stub rolls” littered throughout factory floors to too much tape being applied to boxes, we observed end-of-line packaging inefficiencies first-hand and knew it was time to challenge the norm.

Secure Seals, Every Time™

Designed to make a difference, the ShurSEAL® Solution is an automated case sealing system that delivers secure seals, carton after carton. This all-in-one packaging solution delivers consistent tape tab lengths on the sides of the box along with excellent wipe-down force to ensure full utilization of the tape’s adhesive while minimizing waste. Likewise, ShurSEAL uses Shurtape’s high-performance packaging tape with Good to the Core® technology to maximize consumption of the entire roll.

In other words, the ShurSEAL Solution allows you to put less tape on a box and reduce material waste while delivering Secure Seals, Every Time™.

Addressing Tape Waste

“The ShurSEAL Solution consistently provides secure seals, while also addressing a commonly overlooked issue in case sealing – tape waste,” says Bradley Dunlap, Director, Product Marketing – Industrial Packaging. “Along with addressing tape waste, the program makes a difference in end-of-line packaging operations, giving manufacturers visibility into their case sealing inefficiencies and how these issues not only impact their bottom line, but also the environment.”

We did the math…With our ShurSEAL Solution, Shurtape annually eliminates an estimated 1.5 million pounds of tape waste through source reduction technology. This equates to diverting roughly 44 truckloads of tape.

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