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How We Are Sticking Together Against Bullying

Supporting the Benefits of Being Kind

Bullying is a significant issue among today’s youth as one in every five students report being made fun of, talked about, pushed or left out of activities. These harmful acts happen as early as elementary school and have negative impacts on a child’s mental and physical health, relationships and schoolwork.

While there is no guaranteed formula to stop bullying for good, we do know that there is strength in numbers. We also know that programs that teach kids concepts of kindness help build strong, supportive communities within schools – making a big difference in combating bullying.

Raising Upstanders, One Piece of Tape at a Time 

As the company that markets Duck® brand, we have seen how a roll of Duck Tape® can ignite imaginations and encourage inclusivity. It turns out tape can also be used as a tool to teach students how to “stick together” in the face of bullying. Since 2016, we’ve partnered with youth organization Project Love, supplying Duck Tape® and other materials for its free educational anti-bullying program, Stick Together™.

During a memorable group activity, young students write their names on Duck Tape® pieces and pledge to stand up for those who are bullied. The strips are combined on a banner provided by Duck® brand and displayed prominently in the school, serving as a steady reminder to students of their commitments to their fellow classmates to support and protect each other, fostering a culture of kindness, respect and mutual understanding.

“We’re so proud to see how by taking a creative approach to a tough topic of conversation, we can get kids excited about making a difference,” says Laura Pierce, Director of Marketing Communications and Media at Shurtape Technologies, LLC. “It’s amazing when the magic happens, and students start practicing kindness throughout their day and put what they’ve learned into action.”

Over the years, the Stick Together™ program has grown to reach 500 schools across Ohio and 4,000 schools across the United States, arming more than one million students with the necessary emotional and social skills to stick together, embrace and show kindness on a daily basis and encourage others to do the same, inside and outside of school settings.

“We’re grateful to work with Duck brand on this crusade to put an end to bullying,” Stuart Muszynski, President & CEO, Values-in-Action Foundation (Project Love) says. “Kids are able to easily understand our message through the visual storytelling we’re able to do with Duck Tape. We hope our message ‘sticks’ with them for years to come.”

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